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High voltage reactive power compensation device

  High voltage reactive power compensation device is mainly composed of parallel capacitor, capacitor dedicated fuse, series reactor, discharge coil, current transformer, zinc oxide arrester, isolating grounding switch, post insulator, connecting bus, etc.
  Primary wiring and protection method: capacitors usually adopt the star wiring. Protection of capacitors is usually classified into: first-class protection: internal fuse and external fuse protection; second-class protection (relay protection): open-delta voltage protection, current quick-break and overcurrent protection, etc.
In the past, compensation was realized by using the fixed capacitor bank. This easily causes excessive compensation at the time of electricity trough and mismatching between the capacitor bank and the system when changes occur to the electrical devices, and even makes the grid voltage rise to a dangerous value. The high voltage automatic switching reactive power compensation device separates the fixed compensation capacitor bank into several banks and can automatically switch on a certain number of capacitor banks according to the power factor and voltage of the grid system. This device adopts the high-reliability controller as the core control device and adopts the vacuum contactor to switch on capacitor banks to switch on several capacitor banks in a cyclic way, so as to optimize the reactive power compensation device.

High voltage passive filtering device

This series of high voltage passive filter devices are aimed at medium frequency furnaces, frequency converters, rectifier devices, electric arc furnaces, etc. in large smelters and small and medium-sized substations with multiple nonlinear loads. They mainly filter the characteristic harmonics of their typical loads, divide the fixed compensation capacitor banks into several groups, and automatically switch a certain number of filter branch capacitor banks according to the system harmonic content, power factor and grid voltage. The device uses high reliability controller as the core control device, and uses vacuum contactor to switch filter branch capacitor bank.

High voltage shunt reactance device

The high-voltage shunt reactance device is parallel in the power system, especially suitable for long-distance transmission. Its function is to compensate the distributed capacitance current in the system and ensure that the voltage adjustment rate of the grid is at a certain level.

Parallel MCR dynamic reactive power compensation device

This device is applicable to dynamic reactive power compensation of 6 kV and 10 kV bus. It automatically adjusts the inductive reactive power output by the MCR to meet the smooth and stable reactive power need of the system, improve the power factor of the system, stabilize the voltage of the system and optimize the electric energy quality of the grid. This device is suitable for occasions where the load changes frequently and there are high requirements for the compensation precision. It is widely applied to grid, railway, chemical industry, iron and steel, metallurgy and other industries, achieving good compensation effects.

Low voltage reactive power compensation device

The device is used in reactive power compensation of low voltage power grid to improve power factor, reduce line loss and improve power quality. The main compensation element of the device is composed of a capacitor and a reactor in series. The intelligent reactive power compensation controller is the core, and the capacitor special contactor or thyristor is used as the switch to automatically and quickly switch the capacitor according to the power factor of the power grid, so as to ensure that the power grid always maintains a high power factor. The device can be used in high harmonic occasions and has harmonic suppression function.

Low voltage passive filter device

The filtering device is specially designed for the actual power factor of harmonic source load and harmonic conditions, such as spot welder, DC rolling mill, frequency converter, intermediate frequency furnace, rectifier device, electric arc furnace, etc. In addition, the passive filter device can not only filter harmonics, so that the transformer loss and temperature rise is reduced, but also can provide capacitive reactive power to the system, used to improve the power factor. The device is mainly composed of intelligent automatic controller, filter capacitor, filter reactor, circuit breaker, fast fuse, contactor, thyristor, thyristor trigger protection module, etc.

Low voltage SVG

SVG is used to connect in the parallel way the self-commutation bridge circuit to the grid via the reactor to adjust the phase and amplitude of the output voltage on the AC side of the bridge circuit, or directly control the current on its AC side to make this circuit absorb or send reactive power that meets requirements, so as to realize the purpose of dynamic reactive power compensation.

Low voltage active power filter(APF unit)

Static reactive power generator (SVG device) is a self-commutating bridge circuit connected to the power grid through the reactor, to adjust the phase and amplitude of the output voltage of the AC side of the bridge circuit, or directly control the current of the AC side, so that the circuit can absorb or send out the reactive power to meet the requirements, and realize the purpose of dynamic reactive power compensation.
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