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High voltage dry air core series reactor

After the high-voltage dry-type air-core series reactor is connected in series with the power capacitor, it can effectively suppress the high-order harmonics in the power grid, limit the closing inrush current and operating over-voltage, improve the system power grid waveform, increase the power factor of the power grid, and have a negative impact on power capacitors and other power equipment. It plays a major role in the safe operation of the power system and is an important supporting equipment for the reactive power compensation device of the power system.

High voltage Dryhollow shunt reactor

High-voltage shunt core reactor is connected in parallel in the power system and is especially suitable for long-distance power transmission. Its function is to compensate the distributed capacitance current in the system and ensure that the grid voltage regulation rate is at a certain level.

High voltage dry type air core reactor

High-voltage filter reactors are used in high-voltage filter devices. They are connected in series with filter capacitors and tuned to a certain resonant frequency. They can effectively absorb harmonics of corresponding frequencies in the power grid and improve the system power grid waveform.
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