Research, development and manufacturing of complete power equipment and its components

The company is located in Wuxi, a beautiful and rich land of fish and rice on the shore of Taihu Lake. The transportation is convenient and the geographical location is very superior.
The company was established in October 2003 at No. 94 plot of Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Wuxi National University Science Park). Due to the adjustment of the park planning, the company was changed to No. 82 Xinda Road, Zhoutie Town, Yixing City in June 2021. The company has been committed to the R&D and manufacturing of high and low voltage reactors, low voltage capacitors, intelligent capacitor compensation devices, intelligent reactive power compensation controllers, thyristor switching switches, composite switches, high and low voltage reactive power compensation and filtering devices and other products for many years.
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